De Neefe
About Us

Our History

Established in 1926, De Neefe, a subsidiary company of Traffic Technologies Ltd, is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of fixed metal directional and instructional traffic signs. De Neefe has operations in every State of Australia, with the main production facility located in Melbourne and Norsign, a division of De Neefe, located in the Northern Territory and Sunny Signs located in Perth.

De Neefe manufactures a wide range of traffic control products, vests, brackets, cones and bollards, as well as corporate signage for both Government and private sectors. We also provide sign installation and computer assessment of Local Government Signage.

We are a proudly Australian owned company and promote Australian manufactured products. De Neefe uses the latest technology and systems to support our continued growth and success.

De Neefe has a National Quality Management System certified to ISO9001, which covers all our core processes of customer service, product development, manufacture and delivery. We manage a comprehensive National Saftey Management System to AS4801 to safegaurd the health and well being of our employees and visitors which is certified in Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. With a dedicated team we will ensure ongoing management, monitoring and improvement of our systems.

Our computerised Graphics Department currently has state of the art work stations, an image setter for screen printing positives and computer and flatbed cutters which increase workflow to other areas of the company. Our administration has the latest world class computer systems, which service the processing of orders, invoicing, estimating and production planning.

Our mission is to provide our customers with exceptional customer service and a product which meets their requirements and expectations, at a price acceptable to all parties.

As the Signage Division of Traffic Technologies, De Neefe works in conjunction with the other divisions of Traffic Technologies, to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all our customers’ traffic requirements.